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Drawings peek into the inner world of children

Written by: Unleashing Mind Professional Counselling Academy Psychotherapist Lee Wai-Tong Painting can give us room to express our feelings. I use a brush to create a dialogue with myself in another language, soothing my emotions or gaining insight and unlocking my heart. Crying over trivial stuff In my past child counseling sessions, some parents came to me for help. They did not understand why their son, Ming, often cried over trivial things, such as being late for TV, late for dinner, or when his father came home late, etc. They mentioned the situation to Ming, but they did not understand why, which caused them trouble. Therefore, I suggested conducting a drawing assessment for Ming to understand

Emotional Language for Parents and Children

Written by : Family Dynamics Child Play Therapist Marriage and Family Therapist, Ms. Lee Wai Zi Growing up, we are seldom taught to express our emotions verbally. Schools and society focus on nurturing children’s cognitive, analytical, and problem-solving skills, so we are used to discussing things and opinions, and rarely express our emotions directly in words. Even when families communicate and talk to each other, we are not used to sharing our feelings. Some parents may ask, “Isn’t it enough for me to express my care for my child through actions (such as hugging or kissing him/her)? Is it necessary for parents to verbally affirm and respond to their children’s feelings and needs? While it is

Jan-Feb 2023 Reminder

1) 2/1 The day following the first day of January2) 6/1 K3 Cantonese Opera Activities3) 9/1 K1 Jordan Valley Park4) 19/1 Lunar New Year Fair5) 20/1-27/1 Lunar New Year Holiday6) 1/2 1st Day of School in the 2nd Semester7) 11/2 Parents Day8) 24/2 Birthday Party for Jan and Feb