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May-Jun 2023 Reminder

1) 1/5 Labour Day2) 19/5 Parent-child fun day3) 25/5 Catholic Teachers’ Development Day4) 26/5 The Birthday of the Buddha5) 31/5 50th Anniversary Celebration6) 22/6 Tuen Ng Festival7) 23/6 Birthday Party for May and Jun

Mar-Apr 2023 Reminder

1) 6/3 K3 H2OPE CENTRE2) 10/3 Lei Yue Mun Park Parent-child trip3) 18/3 Flag day4) 5-11/4 Ching Ming Festival & Easter Holiday5) 19/4 Graduation Photo6) 26/4 K3 Disney Grad Day7) 28/4 Birthday Party for Mar and Apr

Emotional Language for Parents and Children

Written by : Family Dynamics Child Play Therapist Marriage and Family Therapist, Ms. Lee Wai Zi Growing up, we are seldom taught to express our emotions verbally. Schools and society focus on nurturing children’s cognitive, analytical, and problem-solving skills, so we are used to discussing things and opinions, and rarely express our emotions directly in words. Even when families communicate and talk to each other, we are not used to sharing our feelings. Some parents may ask, “Isn’t it enough for me to express my care for my child through actions (such as hugging or kissing him/her)? Is it necessary for parents to verbally affirm and respond to their children’s feelings and needs? While it is