Why do children entering “Trouble 2” start to get angry easily?

Written by: Psychotherapist, Lee Wai Tong

Many parents have found that their children have felt a little more angry since the age of 2, which is generally referred to as “Trouble 2.” In fact, anger is an emotion that children feel when they do not get what they want. However, in addition to anger, there is also the feeling of disappointment. However, many parents ignore it and only see the child’s anger without understanding the disappointment behind it.

In fact, we focus more on the feeling of disappointment. For example, when he cannot get an object or buy it, our reaction will be “it’s a pity that we can’t get it this time,” and we will hug him. In fact, he will feel disappointment, and the feeling of anger will be replaced. Does anger always lead to hitting? This is another question. Some parents say that I did not hit him, but why would he hit someone when he is angry? It is, in fact, related to the intensity.

For example, if a child is holding a box of toys and wishes to purchase it, but the parent does not wish to purchase it. Instead of snatching it away and saying no, tell him, “Yes, you can’t buy it this time,” “You can hold it and look at it,” and “Put it down after looking at it.” When the child feels the feeling of anger, not force, the child will eliminate the idea of “hitting.”