About the Curriculum

Curriculum Design

Diverse activities for integrated learning and a learn through play approach to provide with children fun learning experiences that relate to their everyday lives and emphasise on sensory exploration. Children are engaged in self-driven exploratory activities that promote their curiosity and encourage them to take ownership of their learning. We teach English and Putonghua through storytelling, music and play-based activities to lay the foundation for children’s bi-literate and trilingual abilities. Through religious and moral education, we develop in children positive values of loving God and others, as well as a love of life.

Extra-curricular Activities

A rich variety of extra-curricular activities are arranged for children regularly to encourage children to take part in different types of community activities and competitions. Through participating in these activities, children are able to learn more about themselves and fill their life with diverse experiences which help enhance their skills and boost their confidence.

Learning experience assessment

Children’s learning performances are observed and recorded on an ongoing basis.

Student Support

  • Adaptation period for new students; parent-child library; P1 Adaptation Day; Regular off-site visits to encourage students to take part in different types of community activities.
  • Support for non-Chinese speaking students: Create an enriched language environment for mastery of the Chinese language; create an inclusive learning environment to facilitate students’ integration; participate in school-based professional support programmes organised by EDB.
  • Support for students with special needs: On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services are provided.