School Social Worker

School Social Worker

Ms. Tsang Choi Hung

Words from Ms. Tsang:

Dear Parents:

Hello, everyone! I am Ms. Tsang, the on-site social worker of the kindergarten. In my past work, I have dealt with children’s emotions, adult mental health, counselling, parent education and related activities.

If parents encounter any difficulties in raising children and family, you are welcome to contact me! Thanks!

Service purposes:

  1. Assist children and their families to develop healthily both physically and mentally, and to learn and grow in a positive campus atmosphere.
  2. Strengthen the connections between children and families, schools and communities, and introduce resources.
  3. Provide emotional support and education for children and their families to build a healthy family.


Students, parents and teachers at our school

Scope of Services:

Service application & charges:

  • Please contact our social worker directly if you are interested in applying for the service
  • There is no charge for the services provided by our on-site social worker, but charges may be made for certain activities subject to conditions.

Stationing time:

Monday and Friday (8:30am-5:15pm)